In this blog we will talk about the MI note 5 Pro display light problem solution similarly step-by-step repair any display light problem mobile phone.
if you want to repair any mobile phone it have the display light problem solutions to first how to check that problem in mobile phone if you got the display light problem phone so when you on the mobile phone you get the mobile phone will be vibrate if it is not vibrate so you just connect to DC power supply 4 volt it and 2:00 ampere so when it will be on you will be show your phone will be consume some and so it mean phone is OK it have the display light problem so you just continue to read we will tell you how to check step by step to repair any mobile display light solution 
If you want to repair the any mobile phone it have the display light problem solution so first of all how to you know where in the motherboard display light the mobile phone whenever you see the mobile PCB you will be get diode and boost call that is a Markov display light section because the in the diode is connecting in series and its near boost coil so it mean its considered display light section. Mini mobile phone is common. Maybe possibility the display light is  blinking so it mean the coil boost coil may be faulty so you just try to replace first step to boost coin after that second step diode following image with we will show in the redmi mi5 Pro models.

first step to replace this component diode and boost coil in the 80% mobile phone it will be faulty so in the redmi MI note 5 Pro we will replace this and after get problem will be resolved we will showing the display light section in the mobile phone in the following image

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