In this blog we will talk about the capacitor in the mobile phone using almost 60 to 70% non polarized capacitor.
The main student are ask me how to find out the exactly two capacitor short or not through eyes it's not easy to explain but in this blog we will try to give the sum tips to find out the short non polarized capacitor in the mobile phone repairing failed.
Hindu following image we will show the one capacitor it short how I know it short we will explain in the block so continue red.In the following mobile phone we are showing this one capacitor it short.
How I know the capacitor is short?
if you see in the board you see the capacitive one part which showing the silver and second side its showing the carbon so it mean the capacitor will be short it's chances 62 70% maybe possibility it will be shot if you see this type of capacitor in the mobile phone so first aid do it to check through multimeter in continuity range the both side is getting be so it mean the capacitor will be shot if you not get the both side continuity reading so you just fall of the line you will be get them that component which will be shot in the mobile phone it's so easy
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