Hindi blog will talk about the mobile phone display light problem solution
In the mobile repairing field is a common problem almost 60% to 70% you will be getting mobile display light problem solution in the water damage mobile for its it is a common issue form display light problem because in the display light in the mobile phone have maximum voltage place because in this place you will be get the boost voltage almost 40 volts maximum or 24 volt minimum depend on the brand of the mobile phone.
in the following image we will show the Android mobile phone display light diagram its help to repair the display light problem solution basically is a 6 leag ic we will given the information of input voltage is water battery voltage almost 3.7 to 4.2 where is input in the mobile network section circuit diagram we are given the information in the following I made it will be help to repair the mobile phone. In the pink colour we will showing the IC, blue colour will show the npc capacitor, brown colour in the image it's boost coil.

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