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In this blog, we can talk about Samsung dissembling or assembling by upper given following point 

At your shop, if you got any mobile phone for repairing touch display so maybe possibility display or touch break so in the market, some models mobile phone have if touch is Berek so you just change the touch plat in a market have to touch separating machine so you just ask customers sir in market have this model touch if you want to change touch the have 50-50 chances if display break so you get both replacements it min combo touch display replacement.  

If customer say do it So your requirement following tools 

Samsung galaxy j2 disassembling

So first you just put normal heat through hot Air gun machine than use opener and creating the gap between a midal panel of mobile phone and torch display when you creating the gap then try to open as your self in below we have given some link how to dissembling mobile phone you just click and see that videos it helpful 
Samsung galaxy j7 disassembling
After when you open display safely thane you use touch display separating machine you just fit at the place in machine display than one set some vacuum capacity and try to replacement touchpad at you own risk...
If safe remove than you just replace touchpad in the old display working fine or not if working properly so your work is done and your genius 

All think tested by me Akash if any hum full damage in your mobile phone we are not responsible take your own risk  

In this videos, we have given info on how to open Samsung j7 prime and same way you can open Samsung all another 



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