Samsung android mobile reset code OR How to unlock Samsung phone forgot a password-

  • * 2767 * 3855 # Reset: delete all data and reset all settings
  • * # 0 * # Test AND service mode,
  • * # 1234 # Display firmware version
  • * # 2222 # Display hardware version

If you have been having trouble with your Samsung phone and you forget your password so note issue in this blog we have given info on how to solve a problem. This article will do the way you reset your Samsung phone without deleting any of your data.but the thing is this method is only working in same keypad mobile phone in Samsung brand if you have any android mobile phone so that matches will not if you have any keypad mobile Samsung brand so do folding step

If you have a Samsung keypad model (e.g. a Monte, an Omnia, etc.), dial *2767*3855# to reset your phone.

When you dial this key codes after few second your phone get automatic restart than your all file password remove automatically.

What is the 8 digit code to unlock my Samsung:-
Samsung Mobile Phone Hi I'm Rain To restore the factory reset code * 2767 * 3855 # after # * 7337 # {Note Save all the folders and files. This reset code will automatically restore your mobile phone
How to hard reset Samsung Galaxy Latest models Android mobile phone if you forget passwords

  • Smartphone battery charge up 40% to 50% (how recommended?)
  • An active Samsung android smartphone
  • Create any platform as yourself to backup data (optional)

  1. Turn off the phone completely.
  2. Press and hold both Volume UP and Home + Power on the phone. Keep pressing VOL + home.
  3. When the Android Recovery Menu screen releases all the keys.
  4. Navigate and highlight "Delete data/factory reset" using the Volume Down key and press Power.
  5. Navigate and highlight YES again - Delete all the data and press Power.

All data will be lost! Back up all important data before performing a hard reset backup:-
After Reboot system now Press power to reboot the phone

Please note if the screen is showing Downloading ... or similar to you in the download mode or in other words firmware update mode which means the phone is waiting for a connection from your PC. If you are not sure what this mode is for, then you can safely reboot or power off your phone using the Power button, or even remove the battery for a short time. Download mode is flashing your phone, upload the phone's firmware via USB cable. Never disconnect or power off your phone during firmware flash, because it will break your phone!
Another way to reset your Samsung Mobile phone is to enter the reset code on the dial screen.
On Dial screen this Samsung Samsung Galaxy Mobile phone Reset code: * 2767 * 3855 #
All data will lose!

If you have the latest models of mobile phones and you have put in Gmail on your device, then your phone asks you to insert Gmail and if your Gmail Beak option has been troubleshooting with your phone automation then all your photos and Back up contact dates 

[ In this blog, all thing is tested by me Akash if you have any issue common in below ]


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