In this blog we can talk about the  Samsung 2016 J2 model charging pin  placing  R Us Bipin weigh designing  in mobile phone motherboard I'm telling the thing guys if you got any mobile phone repairing at your shop for the charging not connecting problem solution  so you just try to replace the any original charger of Samsung because some cases the USB cable is faulty  that time also the charging is not done  I get slow charging of AC charging problem through USB cable so you just try to replace the problem get resolved so its ok otherwise try to second step if its problem is not results you just dissembling the phone if you have first time December so I am telling the thing is you just try to search in YouTube how to disassembling the Samsung J2 2016 model mobile phone automatically you got the many videos of dissembling you just see that video it will help you to dissemble that phone after venue December you just say it will be water damage or not in some cases the connector will water damage so automatically charging is not detected so check the properly and clean through IP liquid  after that check hope so problem get resolved if it is not resolved say this try to interested you just try to replace the new charging connector automatically problem get resolve uses to take the positive lines reading in the positive line call testing reading is near about the 700 Om if you have got that reading so maybe possibility the connectable faulty you just try to replace because 80% chances the charging pin will be faulty so when we replace that charging pin problem automatically get resolved if problem is not get resolved so you just try to check USB pin way following image we have the given the information how to designing in motherboard the following will behave showing the positive-negative that a positive and that a negative and a point the different colour we have showing that all things so it will help you to repair the phone some cases when you replace the connector so automatically print will be damaged if the pain is damage no so you just make that jumper and automatically problem is resolved so it will help you to repair that how to make the jumper in the motherboard

In the following image we have showing the different colour the black is negative always after that you got the negative that is so they have a 2 resistance in every Samsung mobile motherboard designing the same if you have got the near Hindon almost took a resistance it that a negative and data positive after that any point and positive mind positive supporting. How it will be designing and how to make that jumper we have showing the all thing in the following image so it will be repaired the mobile phone if you have any phone the many cases or almost 80% chances to when you replace the charging connector automatically problem get resolved should try to replace friend and after that Dope Shope the problem is resolved I'm telling the thing as the many cases the charging problem is happening the customer using the multiple charger in mobile phone so maybe possibility I see will be damaged so if you have got the reading an automatic with the fact Sajan thing is happening in mobile phone so you just try to the bowling the IC IC replace it because in the water damaged phone no 2 charging IC maybe chances 80% is 40 so you just try to replace if you have the money thing is happening in the charging problems you just try to step by step Homeshop the problem get resolved and it will be help you to repair that phone

I am telling the thing as the all thing in this website is tested for me Akash maybe possibility the all thing is not correct so if you have repair any mobile phone at your shop is this thegu on this because any harmful damage on your mobile phone we are not responsible that thank you for your love and support


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