Mobile charging connector Replacement OR How to change charging min USB connector

Hello, friends In today's blog we will talk about the charging problem of mobile. Charging problem is about 90% problem in mobile. In almost every mobile life, its charging pin will get spoiled, so in today's blog I will tell you That if there is any charging problem on your shop, phone comes to repair , how can you repair step by step phone if you have any phone In which you are not charging then you first have to put a new charger and see if the problem is solved by applying a new charger, then if it does not happen then what will we do will open the phone before opening Let me tell you that the battery which is 3 points, which is the middle point, you have to check at that point that the carbon has not caught, because if the wedge point is the car If you do not have a mobile charge then you can make sure that all the things are okay there, or if there is a fine there, then you have to open the phone.

Now the answer will open the phone and you will see the connector Okay, after watching the connector, you can understand that there is no water damage in it, or because of the dust, the connector is not bad, if the connector looks bad to you You have to put a new connector on it. When you remove the old connector to add a new connector, you will get 5 points, one of which will be positive and one will be negative and the rest will be an NA point and not data-positive and data. You will have to point out that the key test reading at this point is to be done on the continuing meter for your testing, which will bring your negative point to the beep sound and On the positive you will get the reading around 670 ohms, but if I add a new connector now the problem will be solved.

If you want to know how to charge the charging connector, then we can keep a lot of video visas on youtube channel Akash tech, see full videos, after watching those videos, you can change the charging collector in any mobile Then you can question the charging problem if you want to watch that video now, you can visit youtube by following the link given below. There are lots of videos on the mobile

All the information given in Akash has been done by me by the country. If you repair this phone according to the information that has been done, then please share the phone according to your knowledge, if any of the phones are full blame, then we will not take the responsibilities.

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