In this blog, we can talk about the Samsung 2016 J2 module display light not working problem solution. I am telling the thing, gays, if you got any mobile phone repairing at your shop problem not get the display light  so first of all  you just check and ask the customer  how it's happening on your mean phone will be drop or  automatically the thing is happening .if customer says phone is drop so it mean display is break  you just replac it  because mostly cases when his phone is drop  the automatically not get the display light  because in this Samsung latest model after 2015  the company using  quality of display  in this display  little break so automatically you not get any graphic on display  so 80% chances  if you do not get the display light so you just try to replace the display you get that light in new dispaly think display faulty or motherboard faulty after that do the second step 
If you have changed the new display but the problem is not being solved, then you can just differentiate the phone in different ways. I have seen lots of videos on YouTube which are some YouTube videos if you have to repair the phone for the first time So that you can learn how to separate the Samsung J2, 2016 model by visiting YouTube, you get many videos that you see after the video you can separate the phone

When you are safely on mobile phones only motherboard to remove, they display connector are, you phone or not take it appropriate display connector, the display connector 40% of potential water damage Can be faulty, so the display lights do not automatically get so that you can clean the property just through the IP Garden, then the third stage Steering-in

In this image we have showing the way of display section to display connector how to designing in motherboard Samsung 2016 J2 models and we have some videos on YouTube channel Akash tech thesr you csn see that videos it will help me to repair the mobile phone following the way through check the reading week and showing on this image input section in display light through battery connector because many cases the positive line it will be damage she is sick in the display section you got the 3.7 battery voltage or not after that you just said the n signal. We can be showing in the females and following the positive line to display connected to display light section they have you got the almost 26-volt boost voltage if you got the boost voltage for it mean a problem in your display

It displays faulty you replace the new display the problem gets resolved uses following the display light way in the Samsung 2016 model using display they have not LED lights so we are not able to repair the display because many cases we have told how to repair the display if you do not get the display light but in Samsung Grand after 2015 model we are not able to repair that display so it's best for you-you just replace it

So hope you guys the thing is helpful for you I am telling the thing the all way designing tested for me Akash maybe possibility some cases or something is wrong so you if you have repairing any mobile phone you just take your own this because if any harmful damage on your mobile phone we are not responsible thank you for your love and support


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