Samsung Galaxy J2 2016 Mic Problem Solution Or Samsung j210f  Mic Not Working Jumpers Ways Samsung phone Repairing

Today in this blog we can talk about the Samsung J2 2016 model Mic not working problem solution how to repair if you have got any mobile phone for mic problem so let's start

If you got any mobile phone for Mic not working problem at your shop so you just first call on any number check mic is working or not if it is not working so you open that mobile phone after that check the mic supplies proper or not in the Samsung J2 2016 model we have given the way in image how is designing in motherboard so if you have any Samsung J2 mobile phone for repairing Mic not working problem so you just follow the way if you have got any cool testing reading is near about the 600 something Ohm if you have got that reading you just said the coin weekend showing in the way maybe chances the called will be open so that condition also mic is not working so you just try to check it if it's ok so you just try to replace the mic because 80% chances Mic will be faulty if any phone you have problem Mic not working

In this image, we have shown the way of Samsung J2 2016 model Mic not working problem solution the which point is ground and what will be the way we have shown in this image it will help you to repair Samsung J2 2016 model mobile phone

You have to think why mic is not working because some cases the phone is water damage and if any kind of water inside in mobile phone through mic holes so automatic mic is not working properly customer's voice is not going the secondary mobile phone slow voice goes so automatic chances of a mic is faulty

In this website, all posted tested for me Aakash baby possibility all thing is not perfect working fine so if you have any repair any mobile phone you just take your own risk because any harmful damage on your mobile phone we are not responsible thank you for your support


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