Today's in this blog we share the information how to repair the Samsung J2 2016 model home key, Back key or option key is not working so how can we resolve that problem

I'm telling the thing guys if you got any mobile phone on repairing at your shop for the home key option key or back key is not working so you just first try to download the application in Google Play Store they have a many keys application or Lebanon Play Stores so when you tried to download that application and try to use know so you get that information is software problem wala hardware problem if it hardware problem so you just open the phone Edmund assembling the phone the inside you got the home key back key strip

Below given the image is Samsung J2 2016 models they have a some issues the home keys not working so we have tried to find out the way how to designing in the motherboard we can be showing in the photos so if you have any phone to repair if key is not working so you just follow the way we can be showing in the image it will help you to repair that phone I am telling the thing, guys, the cool testing reading in Samsung 2016 models its near about the 1,200 ohm


In this image we highlight the red is ground and the following ways home key back key option key we can show in this image it will help you to repair Samsung J2 2016 models I'm telling the thing some cases maybe possibilities Strip will be damage so you just check out if a string is a break because in the headphone jack the many chances of strip is broken so you just check it if it breaks so you just replace it because in market its new STRIP IS AVLEBALE  so you are able to replace that.
Some cases if you have replaced the display touch copy so that cases maybe chances then back home KEY option key is not working properly so it issues from copy touch display not in the streets I just check it the careful
In this website, all blog posted it's tested for me Akash maybe possibilities something is not correct so if you have to repair any mobile phone you just take your own risk if it any harmful damage on
your mobile phone we are not responsible 
thank you for your support.

Samsung J2 2016 Home key or back key and option key not working solution and Home, back key ways.

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