In this blog  we talked about  mobile phone ear speaker not working problem solution  how to solve the ear speaker fault in mobile cell phone  this problem  maybe including all mobile phone  any mobile phone like Nokia,Karbonn,MI, Motorola,Samsung,ZTE,Micromax,Lava etc .....

But today in this blog we talk about the Lyf jio keypad mobile  ear speaker not working problem solution.  So when ever at your shop you got any mobile phone  for repairing ear speaker problem you just check out the volume is full or not because some cases customer will decrease the volume so that conditions  you not get the voice in ear speaker.
Ear speaker in mobile cell phone is a electronic component or part that help you listen the sound during the phone call

Ear Spikar working or controlled by audio IC or Power IC.

Type of problem or our faults with ear  speaker in any mobile cell phone 

  1. No sound during call 
  2. Less or Lowe  sound during calls 
  3. Sound with interruptions 

No Sound in Mobile Phone Speaker Problem and Solution

In jio keypad mobile phone the following image am showing the positive and negative both line. positive is black or negative is red. in this image I am showing how to designing in mother jio keypad mobile phone it help to repair the mobile phone if you have any mobile phone for repairing you just check out the cool testing reading in motherboard the cool testing reading is 480ohms the board terminal positive and negative you got the same reading if you have not got that reading you just follow the lining and showing in the image maybe possibility coil is open so try to sort that. Automatically problem get resolved if it problem is not resolve so it main problem from audio Ic so you just tried to reboot the IC maybe chances problem get resolve if it problem is not resolve so you just replace the audio IC automatically problem get resolved

I am telling the thing guys in this website all blog is tested for me Akash maybe possibility all thing is not good so if you have repaired any mobile phone you just take your own risk to repair because any harmful damage on your mobile phone am not responsible thank you for your support

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