When at your shop you got any mobile phone for repairing  charging problem so how it will be repair we can talk about in this blog 
If you got any lyf jio keypad mobile phone  for repairing charging problem so how it will be repaired  we can talk about in this blog  I am telling the thing guys when you got any mobile phone for repairing at your shop so first of all you just check out the charging pin  because 60 to 70% cases  maybe possibility. charging pin has faulty so first try to clean the charging pin through IP liquid  or any liquid you have used in PCB clean  so try to need clean and after that check it it will be working let suppose it's not work so what should I do I am given the below image it will help to repairs mobile phone. 
What will be  internal  PCB designing connection in jio mobile phone so you just check it it will be help you to make the jumper  In this image weekend showing the positive line or negative line how it designing in motherboard and which component is important in charging section if you got any problem so you just try to make a jumper check it the cold testing also if you got the any fake charging issue we can showing to replace that resistance in this image we have informed that and much more because if you got the any short mobile phone through charging section so 90% chances diode will be short films try to replace the diode if you have otherwise you just try to remove that and it will be worked fine so that is the important thing guys to repair that any mobile phone charging problem solution

In Jio keypad mobile phone charging problem solution or fake charging issues in charging have any sorting issues step by step how to repair that we can full given that information in image what will be internal lining designing in motherboard they have a positive line designing the capacitor diode why it will be used in motherboard we have given the information in this post below be given the my videos link so if you want to see the video you just click on that link and you have going my Akash Tech YouTube channel they have many videos to repair the mobile phone you check out in my playlist it will be help to repair any charging problem mobile phone

All post in posted this website www.akashtech.net is tested me Akash maybe possibility all thing is not perfect so you just take to repair at your own risk because any harmful damage on your mobile phone we are not responsible 
Thank you for your support.

Lyf jio keypad mobile Rs.1500 charging 100%solutions,jio phone F90m charging not 

working solution


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