If the phone is hanging repeatedly, then this way you can solve the problem.

Android smartphone users usually have to deal with a common problem. This is the problem of hanging the phone. Even though keeping software such as anti-virus, anti-malware, and cleanup, there are frequent hang phones. In this way how can you save your phone from this problem, am telling the think friend if your phone is hung know so you just do 1 think to remove all third-party app in your phone use only google play store app, clear your internal storage and follow below-given tips.

How can you prevent your phone from hanging out? Do you know I can tell you about those tips, the only reason why the phone is hanging is not to use the phone properly.

Due to the hang of the phone is connected directly to the storage. There are frequent cache and duplicate-junk files created in the mobile phone, which are often hanging on the phone when not deleted. You can use the software to remove them, but after that, you do not have to delete the junk files in system storage. At the same time, it is also important to delete the junk files of the apps you uninstall. You have to manually do this by going to File Manager Folder.

Besides, maintaining the space of the phone's internal storage is also important. You can do this by switching the application installed on your phone to external storage. Also, keep in mind that you will not miss the external storage space altogether. It is necessary to maintain the balance between the two stores. If the storage is not left then external storage can increase, which has a limit. Removing non-essential files from the phone from time to time. Keep photos, songs, videos, movies in external storage.

All apps are required to be updated with the phone. Update the updates of the app as soon as they are available and keep the automatic updates option of system updates on the settings so that your Android system is up-to-date.it mean your phone working fine not get any issue am telling thing friend if you want your phone is not hanging than do 1 thing you don't full your internal storage and instal minimum application in phone because when you use minimum application your phone working fine 

Re-Set Factory Settings - This is the last option. If hang problems are not finished on the phone, then use it. Keep in mind that all the data on the phone will be deleted so be sure to backup the necessary files. This will format your phone.

 Note- if your phone is the latest model after the 2015 year than if you want to format your phone you just remember your Gmail id or password.


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