When at your shop you got any mobile phone for repairing display light problem first of all you just check  display break or not if it not break so you just flashlight place outside of the display surface you check showing any graphic or not if you got graphic so it mean in mobile phone have display light problem follow the below given stamp. Phone working fine get on but you not get the graphic in display.So it's display light problems.

White display problem.
No display problem.
No light in display.
Low light in display.
No back-light.
Display showing blue light.

Samsung SM G-7102 Display light Solution or Samsung Grand 2 Display light ways solution.

Software problem:-
Back-light issue or low light issue manual solution have manual solution have you just go to setting they have a brightness setting option you just brightness perfect or not they have a back-light setting also in your phone some bread its showing in Samsung you just dial star has zero star has(*#0*#) now phone on in engineering mode so you just chek display graphic proper or not .

Hardware problem:-
Replace new display if you not got graphics New display also so you just check out the display connector proper or not
Check the LCD pin connector for possible damage or clean through IP liquid Re shoulder it or replace if necessary.

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Note:- every repairing solution is posting in here is tested for me Akash maybe possibility all thing is not working fine so you just take a repairing your phone at your own risk we are not responsible if any harm comes to your device thank you for support.

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