When at your shop you got any mobile phone for repairing display problems so first of all you just check display break or not if display breck so you not get the any graphical display. In Samsung mobile phone sometime display is not breck  but you not get the graphic in display so that time maybe possibility display connector is faulty if display connector chances is faulty otherwise display connector lining may be faulty so in this blog we will show you how to repair display connector how to replace

 if you want to repair display connector so first of all you just dissemble the phone when you disassemble the phone you got the motherboard in motherboard first of all you just need clean and try to it will be work or not if its not working so last option to change that
So when you want to change you just fix the your hort gun on 450 c temperature depending on the hot gun brand
 In the display connector when you want to solder pest used small nosal shoulder when you fix then replacement you just proper sholding using the solder paste we will showing in this image how to solding it

 when you want to shoulder the display connector just need cleaned because when you sold not properly so maybe chances this point will be shot

In this post below we have given the link of my YouTube channel you just click on the link on play that video in this video we have showing how to replace that any Samsung mobile display connector

So I hope you like that I am telling the thing guys if you want to replace or repair any mobile phone just take out your own this we are not responsible if any harmful damage on your mobile phone .

Thank you for your support

In this video we have given the information how to repair the Samsung J5 display connector replacement and same think using you are able to repair the J5 , J2, j7, j3 display connector also.

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