When at your shop you got any Samsung mobile phone  repairing LCD light not working problem solution so first of all you just check out  display break or not  in the some cases maybe possibility this place that  because in the new Samsung mobile phone  if they normally damage of display so you not get any graphic  so please make sure and fully check display break or not 

If Samsung Grand Prime Plus not get the display light we have given the jumper solution and full details what will be designing the display light way where is display section how to find the display light problem solution we have given in this image if you have not get display light or no display light so it will be help to repair that

    If you want to repair Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime display light so you just replace to check new display because some cases May be chanseas  faulty in display so you not get that graphic in phone if you have changed the display and you not get any graphic so you just follow the line weekend designing how to design in the motherboard we can follow the step by step they have showing how to check and how to repair maybe chances to call will be damaged so you just replace coil and repair that phone because no many chances two water damage in mobile phone you not get the display light because in the display light section you got the boost voltage near about the 26 voltage something like that so maybe chances because they have a high voltage in motherboard if you got any water damage so you just need to check the capacitor designing in display light section maybe chances to damage

It will help you to solve the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime plus LCD light problem solution and telling the thing guys all post is tested by Me Maybe possibility it has issues so if you have repaired the mobile phone you can take your own risk because it will be any harmful damage on your mobile phone we are not responsible
                              Thank you for your support

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