When at your shop you got any mobile phone for mic repairing problems so first of all you just call on any number call and check it voice going or not let's suppose voice is not going so in MI brand they have a 2 Mic  in design to motherboards so you just put on the call in loudspeaker and check secondary call mic is working or not secondary coil is working fine so you just open in mobile phone back panel remove all screw.
When you open the mobile phone in internally you got the two boards first is motherboard upper side of the mobile and secondary SAB board   bottom of mobile you just remove the Sab board in SAB board you got the mic that is a primary mic so you just replace that above given image we have showing how to replace if you want to replace a mic when you remove the mic know you just check  the coold test You got the near about 625ohm call testing reading depending on the brand and model so you just remove and replace the mic below given the videos link in this post you just check it how to replace it

In post given information doing at your own risk we are not responsible any harmful damage on your mobile phone we have only given the information according to me Akash tech.

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Mi xiaomi note 3 mic not working solution OR How to fitting digital mic

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