Samsung GT-1200 Dead mobile phone.
Samsung GT-1200 Power Problem Solution.
Samsung GT- 1200 power not on.
Samsung GT-1200 Battery Drain Fast

One of the most common problems that every mobile phone has the battery drain issue.
So when mobile come to repair at your shop you first check the batteries voltage is more than 3.7 volt if OK then process to open the phone check it any other options connect in DC machine and check phone is on or not if you have connect in DC machine it's automatically showing what problem in phone its short or not if you have get shot mobile phone you just open it remove the all screws open back panel we have given the same  photos below this post you just check the all SMD capacitor we have highlighted in photos if any short remove it or replace it so automatically phone get on.

(1) first check mobile short or not if you have multi meter you just check get beep or not in continuity range.
If get beep sound both side it mean mobile short you just do step tow .

(2) connect DC Machine and check any component is heat or not if any component is heat you just remove or replace that components automatic phone get one. below we have given photos highlight  which capacitor may be possibility to short .

(3)This capacitor check may be possibility it gets short if any point you feel heat remove that capacitor than phone is automatic on so try your self we given information how to repair mobile phone if have any issue you just comment me below.

We have YouTube chenal also Akash Tech also .

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