Samsung GT 1200 charging problem and charging ways solution
When at your shop you got any phone for charging repairing problem first of all you just check out charging connector proper or not the 60% chances in charging connector have faulty so you have any problem in charging connector you just replace it otherwise you just check the positive.


Before doing this be sure to check the battery and charger are perfectly Ok and working condition then you should check the charging positive point and negative points using multimeter.
In case is it short so it mean diode is shot in using SMD diode zener diode so you just remove it after that its working fine if ok so you just follow the positive line in IC after you check what will be output you got its near about 4.2 voltage it's sufficient for the charging top mobile phone.

1. First you check any other working charger
2. Really hot the charging IC if necessary to replace it
3. Check the charging connector
4. charging section using zener diode you should check it
5. You should also check SMD capacitor using in charging section.

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Note:- every repairing solution is posting in here is tested for me Akash maybe possibility all thing is not working fine so you just take a repairing your phone at your own risk we are not responsible if any harm comes to your device thank you for support.

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