Here we tell you Android Secret codes of all MI XIAOMI  All Mobile Phone..


  1. Dial this number/code: *#*#64663#*#

When you dial this number any MI mobile phone your phone will be open in QC texting mode. 
In QC testing mode you are able to check the software version or also display graphic brightness settings in this code using you are able to check the Touchpad proper work or not how many other option we can showing on above given image like Bluetooth settings w l a n address and much more.
Hey mobile working field this code may be very useful to check out the touch panel proper work or not if you want to check the display graphic proper or not the code will be help you to check it if you want to check the Silver updated or not which version working in mobile phone phone LED proper or not and many other option the code will be help you If you want to check the camera front camera or secondary camera the code will be help you to find out the what is problem in mobile phone camera working proper or not speaker ringer sensor and many other option we can given so if you have the mobile phone you just dial it and check it you its good will be working or not if you have get any issues you just comment in in future we are able to give that solutions thank you.

The above given codes will help you identify software or hardware problem and then it becomes easier to find the solution. in mobile repairing Please note that the above codes may not work on all models.


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